Sunday, February 7, 2010

Done Did That

It happened! It opened on Friday! Do 'Yo Thing, the exhibition of Liz Wolfs work managed to have a GREAT turnout despite multiple other events occurring. The crowd was inquisitive and the art well-received.

We have some images of that night, the 2nd official opening at the Bakery Gallery.

Liz and her intrepid partner, Will, playing cut the string with your vibratingfinger saw. Always a classic.

The boots she rode in on.

Intense reaction of Liz's "Holographic Universe" theory.

Just a quick looky-loo.

A crowd scene. We had around 65-70 people stop by during the two-hour opening. The middle hour looked like this. (although with a cycling of different people)

Will demanded to be in as many pictures as possible. The faint cry of "I'm the work of art dammit" could be heard all evening.

Prints on handmade paper. Still on sale. One for $20.00 or two for $30.00. Go check it out! It's a deal and a steal. (literally a deal, figuratively a steal... please don't TAKE take them)

The "Curious Endeavor" prints in their groupy glory. Like them all? Why not buy the book.

I've always been told to end on a mustache.

Do 'Yo Thing is open until the beginning of April. If you missed the Opening night, please feel free to come by Tuesday through Saturday during any reasonable hour. (No midnight viewings)

We'll have pictures of the art work for you in short due time.

Thanks for all who came out, We hope you return.

Thanks to Nikki and her sons for preparing the food and helping us keep a handle on it. If you are looking for great baked goods or pizza please consider supporting your Local Small Business. In this case The Eastside Bakery.

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