Monday, January 25, 2010

The Bakery is Open for Business

Alright, it's been open well before Anna, Heather or I ever stepped foot in it. It's possible I'm talking about the blog site though. Which I am. Okay, both actually.

Let's start off with a little backstory.

Nikki Schutter started the Eastside Bakery in 2006 on the corner of 12th and Esplanade in the (wait for it) East Village area of Davenport, Iowa. She is a fantastic Baker who makes pastries and pizzas that make your mouth literally water and your wallet figuratively cheer. Dedicated to high quality, handmade goods Nikki and her kids have been running a hellava place for the past few years. If you don't want to see the art, go for the TASTINESS!

Anna and I moved to Davenport this summer as I accepted a position at St. Ambrose as the new Printmaking and Book Arts Professor. We immediately made a connection with Nikki and her space. Noticing a fairly small gallery scene in the city and one completely absent in our neighborhood we set out to do something about it. Aided by Heather Lovewell (the Gallery Director of St. Ambroses Catich Gallery) we discussed our plans of having an "alternative" gallery space housed in the front of her bakery. To our excitement she was enthusiastic.

So began the conversion. Anna and Heather made some minor (but wonderful) cosmetic changes to the space. The front half of the Eastside Bakery was converted into The Bakery Gallery which was christened with an opening on December 4th 2009.

If you are unsure of Nikki's versatility in the kitchen you should come to the openings. She provides bite-sized samples of most of her goods.

The plan is to have bimonthly shows that showcase emerging and mid-career artists who produce work based in the printmaking, paper, text, and book worlds. We play it loose and fast, but very serious. Our hope is to provide a space with innovative, thought-provoking and distinct work from across the nation. We also hope to encourage a generation of young artists in the Quad Cities into creating their own space for the art they love and want to see.

Currently it is an invitation-based gallery, but if you feel like you have the chops please let us know.

Here's too a long healthy life of Art, Conversation and sweet, sweet Sweets.

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  1. We love the ESB & love it even more that there is great art inside. Thanks for making it happen!