Thursday, August 18, 2011

Roar of the Rar Rar

This seems like an appropriate image to start of the next post about our upcoming artist - Ms. Rebecca Ann Rakstad (Reba Rar Rar for you trendy gals and guys)!

Rebecca likes wood type. Likes it a lot. She tends to make amazing/beautiful/funny/poignant etc... etc... with this wood and type. Oh yes and ink too. Let's not forget that. (I digress) Anyway, Rebecca is going to be having a solo show at the ol' Bakery here in the very near future. It'll run from Friday, August 26th until Saturday, October 22nd

Let's look at a piece...
Type is letterpress, image is 4-color offset (I think) If I am wrong I stand corrected

Now it's time for that bit about the who's and the what's and the where's (oh boy do I ever love this part)

Who is the who:

Chicago artist Rebecca Ann Rakstad

What is the what: 

"Rar Rar Press" a collection of letterpress posters and print work

Where is the where:

The Bakery Gallery is conveniently located at 1330 E. 12th street, Davenport Iowa 52803. Copious amounts of delicious food will be served.

When is the when: 

We're doing an earlier Opening this month - 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm on August 26th. The exhibition will run from August 26th until October 22nd. The Bakery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7:00 am until 9:00 pm. Buy a brownie or better yet... some pizza.

This woman does NOT kid around. 

We here at the Gallery are particularly proud that Rebecca has agreed to do a FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC presentation on her work the afternoon before the Opening. WHAT!!! That's right, she's driving on over from Chicago and will be here to speak to you, yes you! (The plural you) 

Details, give us details!

When: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm on Friday, August 26th

Where: St. Ambrose University's Galvin Fine Art Center Rm. 141

How: Through the power of speech, bending light and internet delivering tubes

Why: Because she is interesting and we want to give you an opportunity to hear her speak. 

A frequent statement in many of our lives. 

Artist’s Statement:

 Rebecca Ann Rakstad (aka Reba Rar Rar) took her first letterpress class in 2004 and Rar Rar Press was born shortly thereafter. Rar Rar uses handset wood and metal type with a Vandercook press to make postcards, posters, notebooks and more, drawing equal inspiration from pop culture and irony as from the craft and history of hand-lettered prints. Rakstad received her BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and her MFA from Columbia College Chicago, while using her DIY skills for the Midwest punk scene, booking shows between making zines and record covers. Her zines transformed into artist books, then when free copies became scarce, Rakstad took to letterpress to fully expand control over the printmaking process. The works of Rar Rar Press have appeared in indie craft fairs all over the country, including: Renegade, Bust Craftacular, Crafty Bastards, and Art vs. Craft. Rakstad is a member of the Chicago Printers Guild and in 2011, Rar Rar moved into a new location in Pilsen that will soon host workshops and events, so everyone can learn how to be a little more DIY.

For those of you who don't know how this whole shindig work here is an example:

up above we the type.

down below we see the print.

oh it's so true. 

Finally I encourage you to check out Rebecca's etsy page ( where many of her posters and postcards are for sale at any hour of the day. You can always buy from us too...there will be plenty to choose from and Rebecca is bringing lots and lots and lots.

As always 100% of the money that comes from selling work at the Bakery is given to the artist. We do not take a commission. We just love showing you new stuff. (If you ever feel like donating...well that's a different story) So what I'm saying is support our artists and buy some visual culture!

See you there.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Adam Little Brings A Brigade!

We had an Opening. You may have missed it, but maybe you didn't. Either way it does not dismiss the sheer AWESOMENESS of one Adam Little (who is a local Quad-Citian mind you) I'm not saying that you missed out on the show of the year... but really, if you haven't seen it, well then, you know.

"No I haven't" you may say from this modest image, but look closer and closer still. 


In the heat of June we start to get a crowd that will make this such a pleasant evening. 

SOLD! (and maybe a lighting discrepancy. You'll have to decide for yourself) 

"I bought that!" The proud face of a newly (and multiple) buyer. Don't you want to have the look of satisfaction upon your face? Don't you? Are you human...

Les and Owen (two essential stalwarts) prepare for a battle. 

Starting to get crowded, busy and oh so sweaty. (The sure sign of a successful event.)

 It got hot. Really hot. That didn't stop people from coming. They just vacillated between indoors and outdoors. As a side note look at the determined stance of one Adam Little (center) 

Adam is showing until August 20th. You should probably get over there before it's too late and see some work and OH YEAH buy some of it too. It's good for your local environment. Trust me, it's the truth.