Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Tiny Droplet of Things To Come...

We're really excited to have the next Bakery artist grace are walls in October. 

Young Jonathan Stewart will be here (in art form only) throughout October and November displaying his amazing Screen Printed boxes in his solo show entitled Blockism.

Jonathan is currently located down near the Dallas / Fort Worth area finishing his Masters degree at the University of Dallas. It's a swell program with great facilities, a top notch Instructor (one Mr. Juergen Strunck) and talented candidates. Honest truth, We saw it with our own eyes!

I apologize in advance for the tiny images, but we here at the Bakery are having some minor technology glitches. Needless to say if you come over and see these suckers in person you will not be disappointed (unless you're THAT type of person in which case there is just no pleasing you.) 
(imagine these as three dimensional objects) 

Now imagine that they are funny...

     and then you realize they are heart-wrenching.

Now don't you want to share that feeling in a large group during an Opening surrounded by Stewarts work? You better believe you do! (If you were asking for our two cents.) 

Here's a few brief words from Jonathan himself:

I am primarily concerned with how history, experiences, and emotions are packaged for consumption.  My boxes point toward a marketplace where these characteristics are bought and sold.

So by now you are saying "Enough Jibber Jabber!" and we agree. Here's the dirty details...

Where: The Bakery Gallery: 1330 E. 12th Street Davenport, Ia 52803

When: Friday, October 8th from 6 pm until 8 pm

Who: Jonathan Stewart's Blockism

Why: Because It Rocks

How: Because We Bring You The Rock

There's one last reason for you to be at this show and it is best exemplified by one of the pieces that will be on display. Why shouldn't you go? Because you have "Nowhere Else To Go" ($30.00)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Face-Planting Double-Takes Left and Right

the set-up has begun and the gauntlets been thrown

Oh man, we did it! We so did it! Push Ups, the exhibition by B. Ingrid Olson ended up to be a rousing (one may say riotous) event. * The big downer is that Ingrid herself was unable to make it. (Due to Airport type things -- you know, complicated stuff) Despite this upset the people still seemed to have a good viewing. 

It was also the first week of St. Ambrose being back in session and it was good to see some students wander back into the space. Of course, much like Billy Idol, we want more, more, more. 

One of the things we like most on these Opening Nights is seeing new people wander in. That happened. There was roughly 1/4 new faces and that, to us, is awesome. PLEASE COME BACK!

Soooo... much good food! Only three people busted a gut (from eating, another two from frivolity and laughter) 

As always the deliciousness was provided by Nikki, owner of the Eastside Bakery, and her sons. I think there are VERY few people who can walk away from the tastiness. More and more people are leaving with pizza's and such under there arms. It's an excellent way to support a small local bakery. 


Emulation is flattery

I think Renee wanted to prove that she could be hunchy too. One of the key elements to this set of Ingrid's work is how they are hung on the wall and the interaction the paper has with it. Lots of questions and discussion sprung from this. 

The part of the night where the hosts put everyone in pairs to discuss the impact of such things

sitting on sitting on sitting

The December artist creeps into frame

Local artist Adam Beadel plans his nefarious release upon Winter. You can tell that he's up to something. (I think you can tell...can't you?)

I'm pretty sure this is a physical push-up challenge being thrown down

So many discussion in such a small place. We think things were getting serious for awhile. 

you can read this right?

The show is up through September and comes down the first week of October. We highly advise you to stop by and see for yourself the greatness that is B. Ingrid Olson. It's worth the time. Until soon (sooner and sooner)